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Online Consultation

do you have a project in mind?

Do you want a secont opinion or need guidance to make the right choices?

Let's discuss your project online for a professional insight!

1-hour Consultation

Online Interior Design

The possibilities of modern technology and the internet allow us to communicate and work remotely. The online Interior Design Consulting Services, transform how we access planning assistance and design spaces. 


The purpose of the consultation is to have all the specialized information you need to take the next step in shaping your space with confidence. I can offer you online the professional advice you need, to immediately and successfully complete the Design and Decoration of your Spaces. In which stage and wherever your tasks are and whatever your need is. 

Counseling may concern:

* Discuss your property development options

* Choose colors for one or more rooms

* Guidance on material selection

* Discussion on the layout of home furnishings

* Discussion to find together which style suits your space and many more services needed to complete a successful decoration and renovation of spaces. 

Target Audience:

* to professionals who have a project and want a professional opinion about what to choose in construction or design.

* to individuals who have a dilemma or need some guidance on decoration or construction. 

Counseling takes place:

With an online appointment on a digital platform (Zoom/FaceTime) where we will discuss the issues that concern you.


Before starting your appointment you will need to gather some information about the topic you want to discuss. It would be good to have some photos or materials with you that you want me to take into account so that I can tell you my opinion. A floor plan always helps and makes the process much faster, so if you have a floor plan of the space it would be good to have it with you. Also a yardstick, in case I ask you to measure something in your space during our online appointment. 

Terms and conditions:

Sessions last one hour and are prepaid. Up to two people can participate. For more people, the fee is different and is determined according to the case.

In case of cancellation 24 hours before the appointment, the money is returned.

What to expect

An honest professional opinion on the matter that concerns you, based on the information you will present to me.

Advice, tips and maybe some verbal alternative ideas about your project.

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Goal of the Online Interior Design and Construction Consulting Service is to help with dilemmas and improve any project no matter how big or small. Also, through my experience after 17 years in design and construction, to help avoid mistakes and waste of money or personal energy.

  However, an appointment with a decorator can go a long way like helping us discover our true self and desire, to encourage us to successfully express our personality through self-awareness and artistic expression.


  All of these aim to improve our lives and our experience. In an effort to improve our space aesthetically and practically, we succeed in connecting with ourselves and our power.


 Many times we have to shape a space by ourselves - without the help expert. Whether we know exactly what we want, or have an idea, we are called upon to make many decisions that we did not realize, or we are called upon to face the unpredictability. It is only natural that this process often confuses or troubles us or even stresses us out. A wrong choice, a not-so-thought-out decision, and it ends up being a problem. 

  Since the process of interior design and construction is complicated and depends on many factors, such as time, cost, compatibility, weather, humans, and aesthetics, it often becomes a headache instead of an enjoyable creation. In similar cases, therefore, a second professional opinion can unblock us or even save us from unnecessary trouble. 

  There are even many colleagues, but also architects and engineers who need a second opinion—a clear look at what we are about to manifest the maximum potential of the project. 

Here, then, comes to help an individual counseling session with me where someone can talk openly about reflections on aesthetics, design, materials, and construction.

1hour Cosultation

Online meeting with a profesional Interior designer for

1hour  consultation about your project.

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