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I'm Gianna!

I am an Interior Designer specializing in the psychology of form, interior and exterior design.  


The goal is to create exceptional interiors that inspire, contribute to balance and in which we live better.

Design is all about wellbeing.

In my projects I try to find a meeting point between functionality and aesthetics. But I am more interested in the soul of each space, which is my real starting point. I believe in the uniqueness of each project, as if it were a dream, as a new story to be told, each time as special as each client, each space and each building.

The common denominator of all projects is careful, holistic design and attention to detail.



I have studied Interior Design in Greece and Italy in PALAZZO SPINELLI PER L’ARTE E RESAURO DI FIRENZE where I obtained the Master: "Architetura di Interior Design" specializing in the psychology of form. I am the winner of the first Interior Design Award 2022 for the best luxury home renovation.


 I started my career in 2006 in Florence where I worked at the architectural firm Projetarte. My experience studying and working in Florence shaped me as a designer and taught me a deep respect for history and art, while at the same time teaching me how to balance them with contemporary style. ​ 


Since 2008 when I moved to Greece, I maintain my own boutique decoration office and work as a free lance interior designer on projects in Greece as well as abroad. ¨I have worked in architectural offices, I have collaborated with construction companies, freelancers and individuals, designing mainly luxury residences, hotels and business premises.

Inspiration / Aproach

The environment and people of each work, light, energy and landscape, good and bad architecture, purpose of existence, history and available materials, are the most important impressions for inspiring a design identity. The design serves and creates balanced spaces, while it is based on the philosophy of considered simplicity, adding details with character and refinement. 


The home today is a special refuge: it must be furnished with cultivated and timeless taste that expresses us and at the same time exudes security and a sense of calm. 

Our workplace is the environment in which we spend most of our lives: it must be designed in such a way that it empowers us, promotes concentration and increases our creativity.  


I would like to revive the slightly outdated figure of the Interior Designer: The professional Interior designer today is a designer of the dream, who helps turn ideas into reality and who provides the right professional advice and guidance to tackle each project in the safest and most reliable possible way.


The goal is to create exceptional interiors that inspire, contribute to balance and in which we live better. 


In the simplicity of the result one can always feel a quiet luxury that stems from the flawless functional design and the excellent quality of the materials.



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