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About Art & Interior Design Studio

  The Art & Interior Design Studio is based in Athens and Igoumenitsa, Greece & we work anywhere our services are needed by nice people with open minds. We combine a heavy dose of personality & decade of experience with our own take on style, interior design & architecture, custom made furniture, construction design and art curation to create unique & beautiful living spaces that make people smile.

   Holistic wellness Interior Design's projects are the result of balanced search for materials, style, design and a contamination between fashion and contemporary art. Unique customer experience are interpreted through high-profile professional assistance.

  "The space surrounding us is very important for our well being and inspiring designs can bring happiness and pleasure in our lives."


The only role in art is not have rules to create beauty.


"To live” means also ‘to reside’.
Organizing our days and nigths, within these large objects, we call buildings. Creating some kind of on order in our daily activites, our desires, our belongings and our gestures. For all these, our furniture and their arrangement constitute a spiritual state, a revealing insight of our true self… Over and above the natural space we occupy, each one disposes something much more importan: a spiritual home, which is the core of our existence. Creating our internal spaces, we fertilise the objects that surround us, constructing a kind of wide and safe zone around ourselves.

Allesandro Mendini, (Skira Publication, Milan 2004)

Interior Designer

Gianna Barkaba

Founder of Art & Interior Desing studio

   Gianna Barkaba is the founder and the main desiner in Art & Interior Desing Studio. She has studied in Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece and also Florence, Italy - Master di Architecture di Interior Design at Instituto per l' Arte e il Restauro Palazzo Spinelli.

   In 2006 she worked in Florence, Italy at “Studio Progettart" as an Interior Designer. Since 2008 she has been working as a freelance interior designer, in furniture buissnes and olso in the field of tourism.


  " I'm a traveler of the wold and I'm always happy to help people create beautiful space as they dream of."


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