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About Studio

With offices in Athens and Igoumenitsa, Greece, g.b. INTERIOR has over 16 years history in developing interior design projects.

The service is dedicated to interior design. With many collaborators, the team develops personalized and highly customizable projects, from the definition of spaces and the choice of materials to the design of bespoke furniture, applying a vision that is closely linked to a humanitarian approach based on human proportion and that recognizes the particular characteristics of the location where each intervention takes place.

In our projects we try to find a meeting point between functionality and aesthetics. But we are more interested in the soul of each space, which is our real starting point. We believe in the uniqueness of each project, as if it were a dream, as a new story to be told, each time as special as each client, each space and each building.

The common denominator of all projects is careful, holistic design and attention to detail.

Our inspiration is mainly the simplicity of nature and the idea of human life. The environment and people of each project, light, energy and landscape, good and bad architecture, purpose of existence, history, and local materials, are the most important impressions for inspiring a design identity.

Our work is inspired by Contemporary Elegance, Luxury, and Comfort adapted to the Greek environment.

Gianna Barkaba

Founder and Design Principal

Gianna Barkaba is an internationally awarded Interior designer with over 16 years of experience in the design and construction of homes, hotels and businesses.

She studies in Greece and continued with postgraduate studies at the famous design school Palazzo Spinelli in Florence. Particularly influenced by medieval architecture, renaissance art and esotericism, she delved into the psychology of form by studying the effect of material structure on human psychology.

She began her career as an associate of the architect Paolo Pieri Nerli and specialized in the renovation of listed buildings in Florence and the design of luxury homes in Tuscany. Since 2008, when she moved to Greece, she maintains her own offices in Athens and Igoumenitsa, with an international clientele and projects throughout Greece.

She was awarded in 2024 with the "BEST INTERIOR DESIGN HOTEL AWARD 2024" in Ionio and in 2022 she received the first prize "BEST INTERIOR DESIGN LUXURY AWARD 2022" for a detached house in Paxos.

She is characterized by her great love for nature, art and philosophy. She has dedicated herself to the study of human psychology and the interaction of man with the environment and phisical forms. She has explored more than 28 countries and is a lover of frugal luxury.

Katerina Topouzoglou, Mykonos Top Villas

I absolutely loved working with Gianna. She made the entire renovation an amazing experience. I would definitely recommend her to anyone. She is professional yet equally personable. My condo reno was a total re-design and the entire process lead to an amazing result with several bookings during summer season.

"Design is all about wellbeing"

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