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Gianna Barkaba

Interior designer

Gianna Barkaba, founder and owner of gb design is an internationally awarded Interior designer with over 16 years of experience in the design and construction of homes, hospitality facilities and commercial spaces.

A versatile indivitual , she has travelled to over 28 countries in all over the world, is characterized by her love of art and philosophy and is a lover of  quite luxury.

As she says:




Design is all about wellbeing

"My goal is to create functional and stylish spaces to contribute to people's well-being.

In my projects, I try to find a meeting point between functionality and aesthetics. But I am more interested in the soul of each space, which is my real starting point. I believe in the uniqueness of each project, as if it were a dream, as a new story to be told, each time as special as each client, each space and each building.

The common denominator of all projects is careful, holistic design and attention to detail."


She began her studies in industrial design and transtion to interior design A. She continued her studies in Italy where she obted the "Master di Architectura di Interior Design" (Master deegre) at the famous design school "Palazzo Spinelli per L'Arte é Restauro" in Florence, specializing in the psychology of form. During her studies, she studied art history and was particularly influenced by Renaissance art and medieval architecture in Tuscany.

She is also a certified real estate consultant and geopathologist which complements her comprehensive knowledge of real estate.


She started her career in Florence, at the architectural office Paolo Pieri Nerli where she worked on the design of luxury homes in the Tuscan region and apartments in the historic center of Florence. Since 2008 it has been based in Greece and maintains its own offices in Athens and Igoumenitsa.


In 2024 she was awarded for  BEST INTERIOR DESIGN HOTEL 2024 in the Ionian, while in 2022 it received the first prize for a detached house in Paxos.



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